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The True Story Of John Webber And His Endless Struggle With The Table Of Content


John Webber is a liberal activist and a potential revolutionary. One morning he wakes up an discovers his gender has changed and he is a woman.

Linda Schultz is a graphic designer, working temporarily as waitress in a Berlin bar. One evening she sees a client that captures her heart. He tells her he is a liberal activist and captures her heart. Unfortunately the next day she wakes up and discovers she's a man.

After a few days the people discover they all changed their gender. After a few days the meaning of the change is revealed - the shape of all things has changed - The drinks changed their taste, the food changed it's structure, the cities changed their architecture, and even the people continue to change their face. constantly.

A group of visionaries in Spain discover, during these changes, some of John Webber's writings, and come to the conclusion John Webber is responsible for all of it.

John Webber - now a woman - is flattered by the idea, and takes the responsibility for the event.

Meanwhile, to save society from chaos, the people continue their lives, and keep the same jobs they had before their sex has changed.

New social leaders are rising from this new situation and they find the time to meet once a week to discuss the changes and their actions: The meeting are called "THE TABLE OF CONTENT."

One day another call for a revolution is made in the weekly meeting of the table of content. The new men find it frustrating to work in such low key jobs as - teachers in first grade, house wife, secretaries etc.

The new males unite and claim that as contemporary males they must have men's jobs as the men used to have in the old world. They take over the power positions in the world and the social order is kept as it was before.

Now, John Webber's (now called - Sara brown) story is not yet to be over, she is being attacked by her fellow females for starting the gender revolution and not being able to go back to the old world with the same order and their basic gender ...

Now, not only Sara's gender, and her job are in danger, but also her life...

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