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Dance International Europe Now is a dance theatre group formed in 2008 by artist Keren Cytter. The evolving ensemble is composed of an increasingly intricate inter-play of theatrical genres and visual mediums. In this way D.I.E. NOW should be thought of as a ghetto.

Blurring boundaries between dance, spoken text, scenario, mime and even video, the diversity of its methodology is matched by the variety of nationalities and artistic practises from which its members are drawn. Gathering inspiration from forerunners in all the fields of live entertainment:
Diversity, Yvonne Rainer, Pina Bausch, Samuel Beckett, Disney on Ice, Sascha Waltz, Bat-Sheva dance group, Michael Jackson, the dark world of Nang Yai or the exotic rhythms of Lambada, D.I.E NOW is a uniquely explosive dramatic experience, not without its subtleties.

With a reflexive glance D.I.E. NOW tests the borders between theatrical ceremony and performance art and willfully obscures performer-audience relations, whilst breathing vitality into hackneyed forms with mesmerizing sincerity.

Amalgamation and economy, wit and unbearable grace characterize D.I.E NOW's contribution to a new era of performance art.

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution is a rolling curatorial platform, departing from a spirit of open questioning and long-term enquiry with artists, and focusing on visual art practices related to performance and performativity.

The current edition investigates the wide spectrum of meaning evoked by the notion of ‘masquerade’. For this edition Keren Cytter is invited to develop a series of new works. Since the start of the edition in August 2008, Keren Cytter staged a series of live performances and films which culminate in the major production The True Story of John Webber and his Endless Struggle with the Table of Content.

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